Scenario: A large financial services organisation specialising in investment banking services has seen its graduate selection and assessment costs continually rise each year, without any evidence of improved selection outcomes. The financial services organisation requested the help of Norton assessment to streamline the organisations selection and assessment process, and improve the outcome of selection decisions.

Solution: The organisations high expenses stemmed from an over reliance on expensive and less valid methods of selection, including semi structured interviews. This left line managers and HR professional overwhelmed by the large influx of interviewees when it came to graduate scheme selection. Norton undertook a deep and thorough analysis of the organisations HR department and selection processes.

Norton Assessment introduced the use of psychometric testing at the early stages of the recruitment process as an early screening process. Telephone interviewing became utilised following the use of psychometric test screening. Structured competency based interview techniques replaced the semi structured, informal style interview previously used. Assessment centre testing was used introduced for the final stage candidates showing most promise. Norton consultant aided the organisations HR department in the selection and assessment of later stage candidates and provided training to HR staff in psychometric testing, assessment centre selection and improved interview strategy.

Result: The organisations graduate recruitment, selection and assessment function decreased expenditure by roughly 14-16 percent. The burden on HR staff and line managers was significantly lowered, providing more time for traditional duties. Staff turnover at graduate level was 28 percent lower than the previous year. Line managers’ report a higher level of performance and trainability in new graduates compared to graduates from previous years.